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Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

Bring back the appearance and performance of your sterilizer with the chamber cleaning refresh program from Belimed.

Our modern polishing process a truly sustainable way to bring your sterilizer chambers back to their original lustre. Our process is 100% green and environmentally friendly. We do not use any harsh or caustic chemicals to clean the sterilizer chamber.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Chamber cleaning not only improves the aesthetics of your sterilizer, but also extends its useful life by preserving the integrity of the stainless steel and preventing rust from eating away at the material.
  • It helps meeting regulatory requirements. Joint Commission and AAMI are putting a higher emphasis on the visual appearance and performance conditions of all processing equipment.
  • Regular deep cleanings can improve heating and drying efficiency in addition to reduction in contaminated or wet packs. Oxidation related to deposits on chamber walls absorb heat, slowing the heating process. This translates into higher energy consumption that can be reduced once the chamber is clean.