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Service Plans

Belimed Prevent™ offers two types of service plans

Our Core Service Plans are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you utilize Belimed Service, 3rd Party Service, or your own facility Biomedical Engineering team. Select a plan and/or choose additional options from our service add-on menu to deliver more value for your department. Examples include Chamber Cleaning, Equipment Descaling, Water Quality Monitoring, and Digital Services support. Our flexible plans allow you to optimize your department performance at an optimal price.

Utilizing one of our Core Service Plans provides you access to our highly-skilled and experienced service technicians, who are the experts on Belimed equipment. They can quickly identify and resolve the problem due to their extensive training and experience with our products. Using our service team can help maintain optimal performance over the lifetime of your equipment, at cost-effective prices.

Should you utilize In-House Biomedical Engineering, or a 3rd Party Service Provider, we recommend taking advantage of certified technical training classes located at our Charleston, South Carolina training center. Belimed’s technical training and support programs play a pivotal role to ensure customer confidence in our equipment performance that can be maintained through your certified service providers. We are your trusted partner for providing the right skills, tools, and solutions for your facility service needs.



Ideal for facilities to augment their existing emergency support resources. This plan provides Preventative Maintenance support according to customer need. Labor, parts and additional services are charged separately on a per-visit basis. This plan is best suited for customers who have their own certified service support and perform all PM’s per OEM recommendation.



Recommended for facilities with critical equipment uptime requirements. This plan provides a cycle-based, tailored schedule of preventative maintenance visits, including labor, parts and repairs. It provides the necessary compliance and maintenance services to maximize regulatory compliance, with insight into budgeting and managing operating costs.



Comprehensive Add-on Services - For customers looking for the highest performance, our Performance Plus Package combines a Core Service Plan with the following add-on services summarized below:


Block of Time Services Credit

This prepaid credit provides discounted service rates when purchased in advance. It can be part of any core service plan and used for charges outside of your service contract coverage, providing additional fast and effective service resolution when you need it most.


SmartHub Connect Service Support

SmartHub Connect is the on-premise platform that collects data from compatible Belimed equipment and transfers it to an Instrument Tracking System. Users have full transparency of their machine data and a visual dashboard displaying the status of programs and cycles for each machine connected.


Chemistry PM Service (Sink, WD, CS)

Chemistry used in the cleaning process can affect  parts used in dispensing and dosing systems. We offer PM Services to check and replace critical components needed for an effective washing system in combination with our equipment.


Guaranteed On-Call Availability

We can make available Service tech resources outside of normal working hours when you select this option. After hours service in the evenings, on weekends and holidays, keeps your department running through any challenge. Labor, parts and repair will be billed appropriately.


Water Quality Monitoring (ST 108) Except Biological

Water is a critical component in the cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments and devices. The new AAMI ST108 standard provides guidance for the quality levels in your facility. Belimed’s Water Quality monitoring service can help you stay compliant with the latest requirements.


Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

Belimed provides Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning as part of our overall solution to maintain your equipment and your department needs. Chamber cleaning  ensures your equipment can run at optimal performance.


Equipment Descaling

Belimed can provide an automated descaling program in your Washer / Disinfectors using our Belimed Protect® Descaler product. However, when your standard descaling process is not up to the challenge, Belimed has a solution to remove that stubborn scale buildup and residue from the inside chambers of your equipment.

Scale build-up is caused by poor water quality, silica, metals, and ions in the water which is deposited on the chamber surface. Over time this coating can cause residue transfer to instruments and affect equipment efficiency. This service can be used for any Belimed equipment.


Rack and Transport Cart Inspection

This option provides scheduled inspections of Washer and Sterilizer Racks and Transport Carts. Recommendations for repair or replacement will be provided. This service helps proactively prevent problems with your department workflow before they happen.


Certified Technical Training (SC Training Center)

We offer Certified Technical Training classes at our Charleston, South Carolina location. This hands on experience provides an in-depth review of our equipment, how it performs, and how to perform PM’s or repair problems that may occur.