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WD 290

The WD 290 is ideal for your large SPD, where consistent performance, high throughput and efficiency will enable your department to meet the increasing processing and productivity demands of today and the future.


  • Soaking, penetrating wash process effectively delivers water and detergent to all surfaces and hard to reach areas
  • Thermal rinse achieves an A0 disinfection of 3000
  • SmartFill™ adjusts water use to the load size, minimizing the use of resources
  • Door design eliminates friction on the seal, reducing the potential for leaks
  • Large capacity to footprint ratios free up valuable floor space
  • 15 DIN tray chamber capacity


  • Multi-level instrument racks
  • Container rack
  • MIS Instrument Rack


  • EN ISO 15883-1, -2, UL Listed


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