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Smart Hospital

Digitalization has dramatically changed the healthcare sector and it will continue to shape the way hospitals operate.

Smart Hospitals -Advantages for Staff and Patients

Smart hospitals will increasingly incorporate advanced technologies such as the use of robots, in a variety of roles across hospitals, e.g. for moving medication, assisting doctors with surgery or helping nurses lift or carry patients. 

Digital ecosystem

CSSDs are part of a critical process in hospitals, as any surgical intervention depends on reprocessed sterile instruments. In order to ensure full tracking of the state of any instrument, three different systems and their data work together to ensure smooth operation and a seamless exchange of data.

#In a Smart Hospital

In a Smart Hospital

  • Digitalization process optimizes workflows within hospitals
  • Smart technology helps to ensure the right teams are activated quickly and operating theaters are ready immediately
  • Digitalization and technology help to better manage hospital’s resources
  • Smart solutions improve time and space management
  • All this leads to less tired and stressed out staff takes better care of patients

Change is good

According to McKinsey, the business case for smart hospitals is already very strong. Experience suggests that in most OECD countries, implementing digital technologies in healthcare delivery could help realize cost savings of more than 10% of overall annual national healthcare expenditure.

#Complex integration of a myriad of technologies

Complex integration of a myriad of technologies

For smart hospitals to work, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It takes a complex integration of a myriad technologies that 'speak' to one another.

#Essential services in\nsmart hospital

Essential services in smart hospitals

Smart hospitals do not attempt to deliver all services under one roof, but it cannot be argued that some of them are particularly essential.

#Digitalized and\nautomated CSSD

Digitalized and automated CSSDs

Digitalized (and automated) CSSDs are one of the necessities that goes hand in hand with the surging demand for more operations and procedures involving surgical equipment.