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SmartHub Connect

SmartHub Connect

SmartHub Connect operates as a data turntable. It collects data from your machines and provides them to an Instrument Tracking System as a simple PDF, or secures full transparency for your machine data in an onsite dashboard, which shows the duration and progress of the wash programs and their stages.

Compatibility with any ITS and Belimed machine*

SmartHub helps to report the successful completion of a wash cycle by delivering highly configurable batch files that are proven to work with the most common Instrument Tracking Systems on the market.

*Your local Belimed sales representative would be delighted to provide you with more information regarding ITS compatibility.

Everything at a glance

SmartHub Dashboard offers simple transparency and shows you the most important details of your Belimed machines at a glance:

  • 20 machines in a single view ​ ​
  • The process stage for the program status ​ ​
  • The remaining runtime so you know when to load and unload the machine ​

Convenience in every way

A PDF file with batch information is generated after each wash cycle. It can be archived or printed out on your standard printer, whichever is most convenient for you.​​


SmartHub - your gateway to a smart CSSD

Would you like to digitalize your CSSD? If so, this product is your gateway to the smart CSSD, where Belimed’s machines communicate directly with end users in real time.