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SmartHub Connect FAQ

SmartHub Connect FAQ


Is SmartHub Connect an instrument tracking system?

No, SmartHub Connect logs data from the Belimed equipment and turns it over to a third party instrument tracking system in the form of analog and digitalized cycle reports.


Can I access/install this application on my mobile phone?

No. SmartHub Connect can only be accessed by computers that are physically inside your hospital on its IT network. The user interface (information dashboard) can be accessed by hospital computers via a web browser.


Does SmartHub utilize any health information?

No. SmartHub processes only Belimed equipment sensor and cycle parameters. No PHI is processed, transmitted, or stored by this application.


I have ICS currently, can I get SmartHub Connect?

Yes, ICS is being discontinued and SmartHub Connect is meant to replace the older software solution. Please contact your Belimed account representative to confirm your equipment compatibility with SmartHub. You may be eligible for additional incentives if your hospital has a valid software services contract with Belimed!


Will my operations be affected during the move from ICS to SmartHub?

No, your operations can continue without interruptions. You do not need to plan equipment downtime during the transition phase.


Will my older ICS cycle data be available in the new SmartHub Connect after upgrade?

Yes. SmartHub will retain any historical ICS data upon migration.


Can any Belimed equipment connect to this application?

All Belimed washer/disinfectors, sterilizers and cart washers currently sold are compatible. If you have older equipment, please contact your Belimed account representative to confirm compatibility with SmartHub.


I do not have any connectivity today, how can I get started?

You may refer to the attached documentation for initial reading and some pre-requisites. Please reach out to your Belimed sales representative to get more detailed information.