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MST-H 9600 series

The MST-H 9600 series of carriage loading steam sterilizers offers three chamber sizes, each designed with a focus on high volume re-processing, process efficiency, and resource conservation.


  • Three high capacity sizes, MST-H 9612 (26 x 43 x 55 ) MST-H 9615 (26 x 43 x 67) and MST-H 9618 (26 x 43 x 79) available to meet a variety of volume requirements
  • Control panel is password protected and allows operator to program different cycle parameters based on IFUs
  • Options available to integrate with chilled water systems, reducing water consumption per cycle and lowering utility costs
  • Easy and large-area service access
  • Electric boilers or Steam-to-Steam heat exchangers provide contaminate free steam (Clean Steam), reducing the need for expensive chamber maintenance and extending the life of medical instruments


  • Loading racks and transport carts
  • Electric boilers or Steam-to-Steam heat exchangers
  • Transfer cart
  • Single door and double door models
  • Seismic anchoring
  • Sterilizer Automation Equipment


  • UL 61010A-1