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MST-V 600 Series

The MST-V 600 Series of steam sterilizers are optimized for throughput and workflow efficiency and are most suitable for low-medium reprocessing volumes. These sterilizers allow for lean, extremely space-efficient department designs, built-in clean steam generation options, and ergonomic loading solutions.


With no side or rear access required for servicing the MST-V 600 minimizes footprint while maximizing throughput. An advanced vacuum pump and cooling system ensure minimal water consumption.

The MST-V sterilizers are available in three chamber sizes – 606, 609, and 6012. Each comes in single and double-door configurations. All Sterilizers have powered stainless steel vertical sliding doors. This series is ideal for ORs, surgical centers, and sterile processing departments.


  • Three sizes are available to meet your individual processing needs: MST-V 606 (28” D), MST-V 609 (39” D), and MST-V 6012 (51” D)
  • Each size has single and double door (pass-through) options
  • Designed to be installed side-by-side allowing efficient use of tight space requirements
  • Integrated service area to reduce the footprint
  • All models are available in recessed or standalone configurations
  • Options available to integrate with chilled water systems, reducing water consumption to 2.6 gallons per cycle
  • Optional Integrated or Standalone Electric or Steam-to-steam heat exchanger available providing steam made from purified water (Clean Steam), reducing the need for expensive chamber maintenance, and extending the life of medical instruments
  • Automated loading solutions are also available that provide increased velocity through the sterilization process
  • Ergonomically designed chamber height for ideal loading and unloading, easing staff back strain and repetitive motion



  • Pull-out Shelves and Foot Pedal Operation for smaller sizes to save space
  • Loading Racks and Transport Carts for all sizes
  • Integrated or Standalone Electric Boilers or Steam-to-Steam Heat Exchangers
  • Seismic Anchoring Kit (HCAI/OSHPD pre-approved)
  • Loading and Unloading Automation Equipment
  • Chilled Water Connection Kit



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