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MST-H 9600 Series

The MST-H 9600 Series of carriage loading steam sterilizers offer process efficiency and resource conservation most suitable for high reprocessing volumes. These sterilizers offer maximized throughput with flexible manual or automated loading solutions and integrated clean steam generation options.

Developed with a focus on minimizing water usage and reducing the potential for wet packs, the MST-H Series has a technologically advanced vacuum pump and centrifugal steam separator.

The MST-H sterilizers are available in three chamber sizes – 9612, 9615, and 9618. Each comes in single and double-door configurations. All sterilizers have powered stainless steel horizontal sliding doors. This series is ideal for medium to large-sized sterile processing departments.

Clean Steam Generator Options

  • Optional electric steam generators and steam to steam generators provide steam made from purified water (Clean Steam). This reduces the need for expensive chamber maintenance and extends the life of certain sterilizer components.
  • Clean steam generators can be either internally mounted on top of the sterilizer or externally mounted in the facility’s mechanical space.
  • ANSI/AAMI ST108 “Water for the processing of medical devices” contains steam specifications. A clean steam generator is necessary to meet these specifications.


  • Three high-capacity sizes, MST-H 9612 (55” D) MST-H 9615 (67” D), and MST-H 9618 (79” D) available to meet a variety of volume requirements
  • Each size has single and double door (pass-through) options
  • Patented process status indicator to view remaining program duration and status at a glance
  • Easy-to-navigate control panel can be used to make program selection as per the IFUs
  • Options available to integrate with chilled water systems, reducing water consumption per cycle and lowering utility costs
  • Easy to access large service area
  • Automated loading solutions are also available that provide increased velocity through the sterilization process
  • Optional Integrated printer on unloading side for double door (pass-through) units which comes standard on the load side


  • Clean Steam Generator
  • Loading Racks and Transport Carts
  • Seismic Anchoring Kit (HCAI/OSHPD pre-approved)
  • Loading and Unloading Automation Equipment
  • Chilled Water Connection Kit


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